Pure, Natural products
are hard to find

We settle for mass market products that contain toxic chemicals and fillers that poison us and damage the environment. Join us in the fight for better products for a better future.

We are Building A Better
Kind of Company

Golden Age Explorers needed the best to survive arctic environments like the poles and Mt. Everest. There was no space for fillers, carcinogenic chemicals or VOC’s

Pouring Wax Bars
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We build on what came before. The world is changing but we feel that some things should stay the same. The purity of good times and great people are our foundation and a tradition we are honored to uphold.

Our products are crafted from the finest raw materials available. Kosher food grade is a minimum requirement and we hold ourselves to this promise with our Hawk Tools Quality Promise.

We understand the value of modern chemistry and blend a superior formulation for your application. We thoroughly research and test.

Arctic explorers, Adventurers and rugged Seamen all have one thing in common. A life and death reliance on waxed canvas outerwear to block the elements and stand up to the worst nature can serve. Our Ultimate Wax products build on this heritage with a wax blend that would be the envy of the hardiest adventurer.

Blending the Best of Nature, Right Here in Pennsylvania


Face Mask Cleaner

Stinky face mask a hazard? Get it sorted with a floral spritz of Appalachian pine and Eucalyptus.

Just a couple spiritz and you are stink free all day!

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When Failure is Not an Option

On day three of a week long hike in Chequamegon-Nicolet Forest, the rain began. The waxed jacket I had packed was easy enough to retrieve but something was off, wax was flaking from the elbows, seams and creases. I thought nothing of it until rain began pouring in as though no waterproofing had been applied. Normally, some damp wouldn’t be a problem but autumn temperatures were dipping below 45 on this fateful evening.

I had both sets of cloths on at the time and my camp stove was hardly enough heat to keep warm. Fighting hypothermia and jogging around my camp all night to maintain body temperature was not my idea of an enjoyable outing. I had used aerosol sprays, “all natural” bars, cans and every type of weatherproofing wax on the market with lackluster results. Initial performance would impress – a stylish sheen with “natural” wax and matte residue with aerosol spray’s.

Unfortunately, both would suffer the same lack of durability and low lifespan associated will all these products. After much research and testing, a new blend was developed and so to a company to provide the best performance.

A Few Words About

Our team

We are a few, working hard to build the best tool for the job. We have team members who work remotely and in person with our customers. Sales, builders, designers and rebels,  We share a mission to create better solutions with people who want to take themselves and their ideas to the next level.

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