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We are seeing amazing results with your Saddle Soap. Powerful cleaning power with properties that soften and restore leather.

You voted and we delivered Lanolin, Beeswax, Olive Soap and our Natural Oils to your front door. Moreover, your feedback keeps us improving and growing our product portfolio. On that note, we finally got around to hammering through the process of crafting our Ultimate Leather Protestant. A new poll is up on our website for those interested in determining our final formulation: https://www.facebook.com/hawktoolsusa

We are not including Mink Oil in our formulation as it tends to break down leather faster than plant based oils. Beeswax and Lanolin will be in play 😉 Looking forward to your feedback as we grow the business!


Your formulations have been tested by the most epic duo on Youtube. Maarten and Mikkie of Dutch Bushcrafting Knives put our products to the test and are gearing up to release a limited run of bespoke leather care products. Stay posted as the launch date approaches.

Your Feedback

Your reviews and projects are awesome! Some awesome feedback below.

Sarah Gregg

Sarah (astarquiltedsky) on Instagram is “the master of my fate, and the captain of my soul.” She is most definitely the master of her fate, if that fate involves making top quality waxed canvas goods and beautiful quilts. Check out her awesome work on Instagram asap!

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He goes by Bourbon Bill and lives for Bush-craft, camping, woodcarving, throwing thangs and everything outdoors. Consequently, he knows a thing or two about whats cook’in in the bush-craft community. If you want an introduction to some essential bush-crafting gear, Bill has you covered.

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