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Getting caught out in the rain is no fun without the proper get up. Consequently, ye olde savvy sailors and adventurers of old nearly perfected how to waterproof a jacket. Their fish oil or paraffin blend will repel rain and any sentient beings within smelling distance (Learn more). Eventually, scientists discovered affordable and ultra light weight synthetic materials for the mundane and civil endeavors of daily life. Unfortunately, these light weight options can’t always handle the rough and tumble rigors of heavy use. Finally, you might ask, what do I need and how do I apply it? Lets weatherproof a jacket below.

The Skinny:

Waterproof a jacket (Supplies):

Wash & Prep your Jacket

The jacket weatherproofing will permanently trap any stains or discoloration on your jacket. We suggest giving it a good wash and let it dry completely. Additionally, use the lint roller to clean off any additional dirt. Remember, heat up the surface of your jacket with a blow dryer. If not, the wax will bind and be difficult to spread.

Wax Jacket

Rub that bar in! to waterproof a jacket

Simply rub the weatherproofing bar on the jacket in broad, even strokes. Likewise, imagine massaging a howler monkey with a soap bar. Not too much pressure or for too long. Just enough to get all your bases covered. Now that we are on the same page, you can feel friction warming up the wax, making it easier to spread and fill fibers. Use the corners and edges of the bar to get into seams or up close to rivets and leather. Use your fingers to work it down into the material. Only then do you use the hair dryer to slowly heat the canvas for total weatherproofing saturation. Using your hands, work the wax into the canvas again, helping it to penetrate the fabric.  

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Fabric Weatherproofing is perfect for thick and thin materials.

Cure your waterproof jacket

After you get that monkey off your back, hang your jacket in a warm, dry place overnight. The best way to waterproof a jacket takes a little patience but maintenance is a breeze. No washing machine or harsh chemicals are required. First, brush it off with a Dauber Palm Brush (this should be enough for most dirt and grime). Second, get yourself a bucket or hose. Third, wash it off Just hose it down, its that simple. Finally, let it air dry and touch up any wear spots with a hair dryer and weatherproofing bar!

Waterproofing a jacket isn’t complicated to do yourself. And beyond the practical benefits of repelling water and dirt, a waterproofed jacket has a weathered look and evokes a history and providence spanning the ages.

Bonus: apply fabric dressing

This is a more traditional application process to waterproof a jacket. In fact, its for the hardiest gear in your inventory. Now hurry up and wait for an in depth article on the subject.

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