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Saddle Soap | Exclusive Lanolin & Olive Soap | PH Neutral | Ideal 2.1oz

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Hawk Tools Saddle Soap is formulated to work on all leather products, not just boots.

Full Grain Saddle Soap

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All Saddle Soap is not crated equal. Hawk Tools crafts a superior soap that brings your leather back to life. All natural ingredients remove dirt and hydrate full grain leather.

PH Neutral

Store brand saddle soap will clean your leather but leaves behind acidic residue that over time, breaks down the fibers that bind your leather, causing permanent damage.

The Right Formula

Tired of toxic chemicals in your soap? So are we!

Hawk Tools Saddle Soap is formulated to work on all leather products, not just boots. We formulate our soap from the finest Olive Soap, Lanolin and proprietary blend of natural oils to protect and restore dirty and damaged leather.

The lather works down into dirt and grease to pull it away without breaking down the natural oils in your leather product. This works perfectly for boots, belts, jackets, bags, saddles and a myriad of other leather goods.

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The Best Leather Care

Suitable For Finest natural ingredients

Suitable For Cleans and nourishes all leathers

Suitable For Lathers to lift off stuck on dirt and grease

Suitable For Easy application with Palm Brush

The perfect Combo

Not all Saddle Soap is the same, read on to understand the Hawk Tools difference.

Saddle Soap cleans up leather a treat but leather has a rugged companion. Namely, waxed canvas has the well worn title of that other tough material used by the adventurous for bags, hats, vests and so many other every day uses. Consequently, these materials get dirty and canvas has its own soapy care routine. Firstly, do not run your fabric or leather through the wash, this will remove waxes and oils leaving a husk and a load of ruined laundry.

Second, use only leather care products on leather and HT Fabric Cleaner on Fabric materials. Third, make sure to brush of dirt and debris first, then scrub with the proper cleaner and dauber palm brush. Fabric Wax can be used on leather but never put leather care products on wax canvas, it will soften and break down the waxes and oils. Finally, your rugged leather and canvas will serve you well and look its best if you heed the scripture on the package.

How To:

  • Warm up some water and prepare a cloth
  • Dip cloth in water and wipe down your leather product
  • Dip a Hawk Tools palm brush into the Saddle Soap and gently scrub off built up dirt and grease
  • Wipe down with a clean cloth
  • Apply Hawk Tools Leather Salve to hydrate and restore your leather frequently
Weight 2.08 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × .5 in

Hawk Tools

13 reviews for Saddle Soap | Exclusive Lanolin & Olive Soap | PH Neutral | Ideal 2.1oz

  1. Robert Young

    This blend is so much better than my home brew shampoo and lanolin.

  2. Colin Lewis

    Thanks for finally labeling your tin with the ingredients. Top notch as always. Just make sure not to drench your leather with too much water. Unfortunately, it took two days to completely dry my boots enough for Salve application.

  3. dredre

    $$$$$$$$$$$ 👍 $$$$$$$$$$$

  4. Bret MacLerie

    This is proper soap. I can’t believe the grime hiding in my belt. It took two washes to get all the black crud out. What was once dry and cracked is now soft and healthy. Your other products are next so stay posted for more!

  5. Dana Hart

    I can’t believe how much dirt this Saddle Soap pulled out. After a good thirty minutes of elbow grease, and three washings, the suds stopped turning up brown. My purse looks new again. Recommend.

  6. Geof

    This saddle soap smokes Fiebings. It pulls oil stains out of my work boots and softens too. I work at a shop and my boots get drenched in brake clean and tranny fluid. I don’t know what magic snuck its way into this can but this shit works!

  7. Tankest

    Good Soap. Gets a thumbs up.

  8. David So-yeon

    Smells like a mix of olives and boot wax but it works good.

  9. Pati Singh

    Very good

  10. Thomas Suarez

    Saddle soap is as Saddle soap does.

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