Hawk Tools Powerful Skin Moisturizer | Sani-Balm | Sandalwood | 2.1oz

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Skin Moisturizer

Moisturize dry skin with hydrating Sani-Balm. Natural soothing Aloe, Eucalyptus and Natural oils sooth dry cracking skin and stops germs on contact. People ask us, why is my skin cracking and what causes cracked skin? Our article about what causes dry skin is the perfect place to start. Additionally, Sani-Balm is how to cure dry skin by soaking in deep and soothing irritated skin where it starts. The natural oils are no longer present need to be replaced. The best dry skin treatment starts with a firm understanding of the cause and ends with natural skin care. Disinfect your skin right with Sani Balm.

  • Deep healing and skin hydration
  • Heals cracked skin
  • Stops germs and bacteria
  • Sandalwood aroma
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Cure dry skin or that itchy rash from excessive hand washing with Hawk Tools Sani-Balm. It’s fortified with ingredients such as Aloe Vera and natural oils for extreme dry and cracking skin.
Eucalyptus, Zinc, and Iodine kill germs like viruses and bacteria so pathogens can not spread. So, never suffer from Severe Dry Skin again with Hawk Tools Sani-Balm. Learn more about your dry skin.

Eucalyptus in Barrel End



Increases ceramide content in your skin. Cineole and limonene are anti-inflamitory.

Natural Oils in Barrel End


Natural Oils

Aloe Vera, Palm, Soy and Coconut oils penetrate and hydrate your skin.

Germ fighting


Zinc prevents viruses from multiplying. Alcohol breaks down viral lipids. Iodine oxidizes cytoplasmic and membrane compounds within the virus.

A Dab will Do Ya!

1. Open Lid
2. Dip fingers into Balm
3. Thoroughly rub into hands

4. Repeat once daily

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Cure Dry Skin

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In aromatherapy, inhaling the aroma of sandalwood oil or absorbing it through the skin is thought to transmit calming messages to the limbic system. These messages are believed to affect both an emotional and physiological response. (By way of example, the reduction of stress). Conversly, Bergamot works on contact with your skin.

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Weight 2.1 oz
Dimensions 2.62 × 2.62 × 1 in

13 reviews for Hawk Tools Powerful Skin Moisturizer | Sani-Balm | Sandalwood | 2.1oz

  1. Frank Archer

    More moisture per oz than anyone else. It’s not overpowering or greasy. The perfect cure for the worst dry skin imaginable.

  2. Bernard Grossman

    Excellent hand cream. A perfect treat for the holidays.

  3. Hans Müller

    My hands are soft and delicate again. The toughness and cracking magically vanished in a few days. I don’t know how I didn’t find this sooner.

  4. Thomas Logan

    OMG, I’m in a british pub with the softest skin imaginable. Top o the mornin’

  5. Michael Gonzalez

    Can you make a fruity spring moisturizer? The sandalwood smells great but I am not always at a country club.

  6. Acel Aubert

    Love it!

  7. Louis De Leon

    It lasts a loooong time and goes on thick. My Nivea moisturizer costs more and it take five times as much for the same moisture. Hydrated skin is happy skin so pick one up. A+++

  8. Oliver Holiday

    The very best moisturizer on sale today.

  9. Noa Jameson

    The Sandalwood smells like my fathers home in Australia, I remember all the wonderful times we had. My skin very well hydrated as well.

  10. Cthulhu

    Landscaping is hard on my hands so my wife bought this as a gift. I thought she was nuts but boy was I wrong and my hands thank me daily.

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