Fabric Waterproofer | 1qt Heat Activated Dressing

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Fabric Waterproofer

Waterproof your tarp or bimi top with ease and be prepared for years of care free waterproofing performance. We questions like “how to waterproof tarp” and “how to waterproof cover” all the time. Its easy, heat the Fabric Dressing in the can. Add about two inches of water and simmer at 200 F for best performance. For the best waterproofing performance, brush on and let it cure over night in a warm dry place. That’s it, how to properly waterproof any fabric for years of rain resistant performance.

Fabric Waterproofer Online

Check out this article on Instructables. Or our article about how to Wax Canvas.

Bucket O' Waterproofer

Tired of getting drenched out on the waves? We know how you feel, so grab a big o’ bucket of the most durable fabric weatherproofer available. First, we blend traditional waxes and oils that are safe for the environment. Second Tylol is added to bond it to all natural and synthetic fibers. Third, we give you the best deal available. One quart of our concentrated wax mix. Additionally, there are no solvents, fillers or thinners, its 100% active waterproofer.

Suitable For Environmentally friendly

Suitable For Concentrated

Suitable For Ultra Durable

Suitable For Lasts for years

Suitable For Easy Application

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 4.25 × 4.25 × 4.9 in

3 reviews for Fabric Waterproofer | 1qt Heat Activated Dressing

  1. Phil Johnson

    I use a canvas tarp on my wood pile, it was starting to tear and fall apart so I applied this, hoping to add a little life. The wear marks “healed” and the whole tarp feels rejuvenated. Best stuff ever.

  2. Kasandra Kendel


  3. Brenden Fehr

    This is the best waterproofing agent I have ever used. It goes and thick and stiffens everything up.

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