Fabric Dressing | Pine Tar Fabric Waterproofer | Brush On Formula 8oz

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Fabric Dressing

Fabric Dressing that works is hard to come by. We know how damp and miserable poorly performing rain gear will leave you. Consequently, our state-of-the-art weatherproofing formulation keeps you dry longer bar none. First, our base of natural oils and waxes seep into your fabric. Second, TYLOL binds with both synthetic and natural fibers for an impenetrable barrier against the elements. Finally, you will never need to run your article through the wash again. Just brush off dirt and debris and occasionally spot clean areas of high grime buildup. For lighter gear and general proofing maintenance, check out our Fabric Weatherproofing Bar. Also, check out a great article about the process of weatherproofing on Instructables.

  • The most durable Fabric Wax for fabrics
  • Natural Beeswax and Pine Pitch
  • Prevents Odor
  • Prevents Mold
  • Stops fading from the sun
  • Easy Brush-On formula
  • Completely Non-Toxic
  • Hawk Tools Quality Promise
  • Hand Wash Icon Hand wash only
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Most Durable

Fabric Waterproofing

Water & Stain proof your fabric with the toughest fabric weatherproofer available. Coast Guardsmen, Loggers, Explorers rely on this studly bar to repel rain and mud with ease.
This easy rub on formula penetrates fibers and lays down a deep boundary of natural waxes. No carcinogenic or toxic chemicals ever!  (See Reviews)

The most durable Fabric waterproofer

Beeswax In Barrel End



Beeswax is blended with a proprietary HT Wax Blend for the most durable water proof boundary.


Pine pitch

Used by native peoples for millennia to waterproof bark canoes, shelters and clothing.

Methyl Paraben barrel end

Stink Blocker

Methyl Paraben

Non-Toxic and food grade, Methyl paraben stops mold, smell, and mildew.

Ceria Oxide

Stop Fading

Ceria Oxide

Environmentally friendly alternative to Zinc Oxide for blocking UV light.

Tylol Logo

Environmental +

Modern Tech

Finally something better than aerosols. A binder for natural and synthetic fibers that is pfas free and bio-degradable.

Simple Rub-on!

1. Remove bar from Packaging.

2. Rub on in even strokes and use hair dryer to help melt the bar and saturate the fabric.

3. Enjoy the studly wax canvas experience.


Fabric Weatherproofer Insturctions Graphic

Waxed Jacket

Fabric Dressing

Your jacket, tarp, bell tent, shoes and all natural or blended fabrics needs a pine & beeswax based waterproof fabric dressing treatment.

  • Safe for use on cotton, blended fabric, leather, suede and more
  • Creates durable base-layer for thick materials and virgin fabric.
  • Ideal for use on outerwear, rain gear, anorak, bivy sack, luggage, canvas tarps, and more
  • Repels water during use and in storage
  • Fabric maintains adequate breathability
  • Dries with a pine scent
  • One jar covers 60 sq. ft. on light blended fabric. 20 sq. ft. on heavier fabrics
  • Touch up Hawk Tools Fabric Weatherproofing bi-yearly. Lasts for years.

Fabric Dressing lowdown

  • Reproof or apply durable waterproofing to your work gear – Our hot wax fabric water repellent is easily brushed onto your canvas denim or blended work gear. It soaks into the fibers for years of rugged protection.
  • Our Fabric Dressing is formulated to take abuse – We have tested our formulation in the harshest of environments, from wrenching on heavy machinery to forestry work. Our proprietary mixture can take abuse and keep on going.
  • Natural oils, beeswax & pine tar – We source all our ingredients locally in Pennsylvania. We work with the men and women harvesting honeycomb and extracting natural oils for our fabric wax. These products are pure and great care goes into every product we produce.
  • Non toxic – There are toxic chemicals used to process and render commercial off the shelf oil and wax products. We forego unnecessary processing with careful temperature and agitation control. We put in the time to make this product right and safe to wear. As always, we are PFAS free.
  • Proudly made in Pennsylvania USA – Our operation is proudly based in Pennsylvania. We source everything from Pine tar to our packaging locally, supporting the local economy.
  • Impervious to the elements – Beeswax and natural oils soak into fabric, totally saturating the material, leaving a wet sheen that is impervious to dirt, mud and rain. This wax is great for rubbing into denim work gear, bags and most synthetic cotton blends for extra protection.
Fabric Water Repellent


  • Awe in wonderment at the impending transformation then remove the label
  • Place can in a pot with 1.5″ of simmering water
  • Use a soft bristle brush to apply to an even conservative coat of dressing
  • Work dressing into the fabric and brush off excess
  • Touch up with Fabric Weatherproofing in spots of heavy use.
Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in

6 reviews for Fabric Dressing | Pine Tar Fabric Waterproofer | Brush On Formula 8oz

  1. George Romanov

    Perfect for my Filson jacket.

  2. Emma Olson

    The scent is mild but enveloping at first. A piney wonderland of waterproofing in a tin. Wonderful and handy for a handbag in need.

  3. Greg Kinman

    Heating it in a pot of water is a chore, but it looks classic on my Filson jacket.

  4. Richard Hewitt

    There is nothing better.

  5. Edd Johnson

    DWR is great for light rain in town. If you hike or spend any real-time in nature, this fabric waterproofing is a necessity.

  6. Eileen Dover

    It’s hard to simmer and apply without making a mess. I know it’s natural but can you make it in a spray bottle?

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