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#1 Fabric Waterproofer | Ultimate Fabric Weatherproofing 5oz Bar | Easy Rub On!

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Fabric Waterproofer

Fabric waterproofer looks great on a Barbour, Fjallraven, or Filson Jacket but how do you get that look for your canvas outerwear? Ever wonder how to waterproof your jacket? Hawk Tools fabric waterproofer is the perfect canvas waterproofing spray alternative available. It will rainproof any fabric for years of water-resistant protection.  There is no need for a toxic waterproof spray like Scotchgard or Nikwax when a heavy-duty bar of fabric wax will work 10x longer.

Ultimate Fabric Waterproofer

Additionally, this water repellent blend of natural waxes, oils with TYLOL, is the ultimate breathable waterproof treatment for clothes and a barrier for outdoor fabric. People ask us, how to waterproof canopy fabric, how to make outdoor fabric waterproof, and marine waterproofing specifically. Good news, the best wax for waterproofing canvas of all-natural and synthetic blends is simple, Hawk Tools Weatherproofing. The best waterproofing spray for the jacket turns out to be a bar, who knew! So grab a bar of fabric wax and make some oilcloth like the oldtimers of yore. Check out this great “How To” article by Ken Matthews.

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Most Durable

Fabric Waterproofing

Rain & Stainproof your fabric with the toughest fabric weatherproofer available. Boy Scouts, Campers, and Hikers rely on this studly bar to repel rain and mud with ease.
This easy rub on formula penetrates fibers and lays down a THICK boundary of an environmentally friendly CnH2n+2 derivative, beeswax, TYLOL and pine sealant. No carcinogenic or toxic chemicals ever! You might ask “But does it breathe?” Worry not, there is a porous matrix that wicks moisture away (when properly cured. (See Reviews)

Beeswax In Barrel End



Beeswax is blended with a proprietary CnH2n+  derivative for the most durable water proof boundary.


Pine Pitch

Used by native peoples for millennia to waterproof bark canoes, shelters and clothing.

Environmental +

Modern Tech

Finally something better than aerosols. A binder for natural and synthetic fibers that is pfas free and bio-degradable.

Simple Rub on!

1. Remove bar from Packaging

2. Rub on in even strokes and use hair dryer to help it along.

3. Let it cure over night in a warm dry place.

Fabric Weatherproofer Insturctions Graphic

Max waxing a tent with fabric waterproofer

Keep Rain Out!

Your tent, hat, boat cover, awning, tarp, shoes, and any other fabric material exposed to the elements need protection. Your Tent or bivy sack is a perfect candidate for fabric waterproofer.

  • Safe for use on polyester, nylon, polypropylene, cotton, leather, suede and more
  • Creates durable protection from the elements with just one application
  • Ideal for use on outerwear, rain gear, umbrellas, outdoor gear, backpacks, luggage, canvas tarps, boat covers and more
  • Repels water during use and in storage
  • Fabric maintains adequate breath-ability
  • Dries with a pine scent
  • One bar provides 60 sq. ft. of water resistance on light nylon or 20 sq. ft. on heavier fabrics
  • Touch up Hawk Tools Fabric Weatherproofing bi yearly.

Perks of Weatherproofing

Suitable For Easy application

Suitable For Natural & gentle on your skin

Suitable For Years of protection

Suitable For Will not yellow and degrade over time

Suitable For Great for every fabric

Suitable For Prevents stains

Suitable For UV Stable

Fabric Weatherproofing 5oz Side View
  • TYLOL increases the ductility of fabric by 378%.
  • It’s completely non-toxic & food grade.
  • Developed and manufactured at our facility.
  • Environmentally friendly.
Fabric Weatherproofing Transparent Background

The Big Picture


Weatherproof thick materials

and create a base layer

Touch Up

Apply on thinner material

& touch up proofed articles


Apply brush on weatherproofing

& clean proofed articles

Synthetic Materials?

Nylon, Polyester? Not a problem. Go ahead and weatherproof your synthetic materials.

Heat Activated Tin

How to Apply Fabric Waterproofing

Fabric Waterproofer Video Guide

Quickly waterproof your gear the right way with this brief visual guide to the process.


Can I apply this to rubber and plastic?

Yes, Fabric Weatherproofing will not craze or deteriorate rubber or synthetic materials.

How much waterproofer do I need for my tent?

For a backpacking or single person tent, one bar will handle most common types. For much larger projects, heat activated canvas waterproofing is available in quart and gallon sizes.

Are there any hazardous chemicals?

Nope! No need for a respirator or gloves. Looking at you Scotchgard!
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3 reviews for #1 Fabric Waterproofer | Ultimate Fabric Weatherproofing 5oz Bar | Easy Rub On!

  1. Love Khumalo

    The classic bar is my favorite. It has a different texture and goes on thicker than the new one.

  2. Brent Taylor

    Best ever.

  3. Jamie Smith

    My boots and anorak are totally sealed from the elements. A week in the Adirondacks was a stroll in the park and the waterproof coating still looks new. Please start stocking this at REI, we need it.

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