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Fabric Wax | Fabric Water Proofer | Fabric Weatherproofing 5oz

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You figured out the best weatherproofing available. Hawk Tools Fabric Weather-proofing sets the bar for fabric waterproofing with natural waxes, oils and TYLOL, the ultimate barrier against the elements.

Extreme Weatherproofing Fabric Wax

Coast Guardsmen, Loggers, Explorers and you can keep rain and mud out with Hawk Tools weatherproofing. Uniquely, when you rub Hawk Tools proofer into fabric, it penetrates the fibers and creates a homogeneous weatherproof boundary. Our formulation is next level in that it wicks moisture away from your skin with a porous matrix (when properly cured).

Up next, the Hawk Tools Magic. First, the highlights and more awesome waxy goodness. Second, our choice of the best ingredients means superior quality and performance. Third, our blend is built on the heritage of the explorers who came before. Finally, customers rely on Ultimate wax products every day and share their stories. Not to brag but our wax is the ultimate weatherproofing solution for your gear.

Suitable For Easy application

Suitable For Natural & gentle on your skin

Suitable For Years of protection

Suitable For Will not yellow and degrade over time

Suitable For Great for every fabric

Suitable For Weathered appearance


Weatherproof thick materials

and create a base layer


Apply on thinner material

& touch up proofed articles


Apply heat activated fabric

dressing & clean waxed articles

Suitable For Easy application

Suitable For Natural & gentle on your skin

Suitable For Years of protection

Suitable For Will not yellow and degrade over time

Suitable For Great for every fabric

Suitable For Weathered appearance

fabric wax ingredients

Fabric Weatherproofing

We use the highest quality PFAS free food grade ingredients in our Water Repellent Wax blend. Moreover, natural ingredients that are safe for your skin. Also, it’s foundation is built on the expertise earned by golden age explorers.


Pine Tar

Natural Oils

The Innovation +"Tylol™" Proprietary Blend

The final ingredient, Tylol™ is our own naturally derived compound, for next level performance.

Under testing, “Nano” coatings consistently lack durability and elasticity. We ditch the marketing jargain and focus on creating a weather-proofer of superior adhesion and durability. In brief, culminating in the ultimate protection against the elements. Find out more.

Crate Full of Tylol Background Image
  • Tylol increases the ductility of fabric wax by 378%
  • It’s completely non-toxic & food grade
  • Developed and manufactured at our facility
  • Environmentally friendly

Synthetic Materials?

Nylon, Polyester? Not a problem. Our wax is formulated  to weatherproof most natural and synthetic fibers.


Your Thoughts

“Used this to waterproof a cotton jacket – love the effect and how easy it is to use! “


“Pelting rain in Kotzebue Sound rolls off like dew. I caught a piece of rigging under my arm and the rope smoked it was moving so fast but my jacket took the heat in stride.”


Ultimate Fabric Wax

Before we begin, there are a few things to clarify. Hawk Tools Fabric Weatherproofing is for extreme environments and the people who work, explore and thrive in adverse conditions. If this sounds like you, read on. Hawk Tools manufactures the best waterproofing wax, bar none. More specifically, blending the best of traditional methods and modern refinements for an advanced formula that both repels water and mud while creating a waxy barrier that resists severe abrasion. First, Beeswax and natural oils soak into fabric, totally saturating the material and leaving a wet sheen that is impervious to dirt, mud and rain. Second, our proprietary wax blend binds these ingredients to your gear with a tailored molecular carbon chain engineered for the task. Third, we make sure this groundbreaking blend is thermally and UV stable with industry standard testing procedures. Also, we make sure our Fabric Weatherproofer is resistant to rot as compared to some other all natural proofing products on the market. This adhesion and stability guarantees years of uninterrupted service.

Fabric Weatherproofing Uses

Some examples of common waxed goods include, denim work gear, backpacks and bags. and most blended fabric & textiles for extra protection. On a side note, common water proofing agents include toxic chemicals that irritate the skin and as a result, can cause severe medial complications and cancer. Finally, we pride ourselves on creating a fabric wax that lasts longer and performs better than the competition, without harsh chemicals. Our wax is used by Coastguardsmen and Arctic explorers with great success. As a result, they rely on Hawk Tools and test our products daily in the harshest environments.

For thicker gear, first apply our Fabric Dressing for complete saturation. If you are proofing a hat or small bag, check out our 2oz bar of Fabric Weatherproofing.

Top quality waxes and oils

Formulated to last for years

Easy Rub On application

Non Toxic

Video Guide To Proper Waxing

Quickly waterproof your gear the right way with this brief visual guide to the process.

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 2.25 × 1.125 in

15 reviews for Fabric Wax | Fabric Water Proofer | Fabric Weatherproofing 5oz

  1. Bradley Novack

    good stuff..works well

  2. Richard McQuesten

    Richard M.

    Product was easy to apply and works well

  3. Brent Beggs

    Kyle Sanders

    Why is this not at Bass Pro? The spray waterproofing at Bass Pro is a joke, it crumbles off after a few outings and leaves little piles of silicone dust all over my furniture. Don’t buy cheap waterproofing if you like staying dry.

  4. Ken Miles

    Chris Hernderson

    One year update. Otter Wax can suck my left acorn. I have had NO leaks whatsoever and I work my clothing harder than an Albanian donkey. The new packaging is nice, buying more for my niece.

  5. michael quigley


    Great support and personal service. I have not used the product yet.

  6. Virginia R. Wallace

    Need it to rain to see how I did applying the wax.

  7. Trevor Vino

    Otter wax can’t hold a candle to this stuff literally. My Otter wax jacket looks great but it doesn’t stay waterproof for long.

  8. Ken Miles

    Vic Kelley

    Took a chain saw right to the chaps and it still keeps the water out. I can’t recommend this enough.

  9. Ken Miles



  10. Brent Beggs

    Kenneth Smith

    Perfect wax for my bag!! It took some time to get it water proof though. It took a lot of wax and a hair dryer helped alot.

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