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Leather Salve | Castor Oil | Lanolin | Beeswax | Deep Hydration Formula

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The Best Leather Salve on the market now available through Hawk Tools!

Hawk Tools Ultimate Leather Salve penetrates dry and worn leather with time tested natural ingredients. This means a revitalized supple restoration of your leather. First, Natural Oils and Castor oil penetrate the top grain and soak into the corium. Consequently, this blend will leave your leather completely hydrated and supple. Second, Lanolin infuses natural oils back into the outer layers.  In effect, this will restore the feel and prevent leather rot. Thirdly, Beeswax seals and imparts a matte finish to prevent further drying or damage. Finally, our products contain no toxic chemicals, dyes, fillers or PFAS’s so your skin will stay healthy too. Additionally, Leather Salve is safe to use on all types and colors of smooth leather.

Weight 2.1 oz
Dimensions 2.62 × 2.62 × 1 in

1 review for Leather Salve | Castor Oil | Lanolin | Beeswax | Deep Hydration Formula

  1. Brent Beggs

    Lenny Matthews

    Very good!

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